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Mrs. Military Pageant 


This Pageant has been dedicated to all women who are married to the Military.

This pageant is affordable for everyone who wishs to participate with a fee of $10.

We will award one Mrs. Military from each Duty Station world wide.

The aim of this pageant is to showcase the strength & beauty of our military spouses and female soldiers world wide.

Deadline for the 2018 pageant is June 27th.

Our 2017 duty station Queens so far are:


Kelly S.:

Mrs. Norfolk Military 2017


Catilin W.:

Mrs. MCRD Parris Island 2017


Katherine G.;

Mrs. Fort Carson


Irina H.;

Mrs. USAG Yongsan 2017


Shelley E.;

Mrs. Fort Polk 2017


Kate T.;

Mrs. MCAS Beaufort 2017 


Our Mrs. Military 2017 is Irina H.!


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